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Fake Facts and Statistics

A lesson from my public speaking training is to state funny false information to the audience as if it were absolutely true. I am sure you can think of something to include in your presentation. Just remember when stating your false facts, don't leave any doubt in the audience's mind whether you are being funny or not. You can control the impression received by the audience from using your skills from your public speaking training.

A deadpan expression, or keeping a straight face, is a good way to give fake facts and statistics. Also, you should really, really sound like you are trying to convince the audience that what your saying is absolutely true. This overemphasis of the truth also tells the audience you are lying.

One time during a Secretaries Day function I used a deadpan expression when I told the audience how scientific studies had been done revealing that the only reason executives became executives was because they couldn't make it as secretaries. They loved it.

Another way you can build up your joke is to use official sounding sources for the information. 'A study done for the Alaskan Pipeline Workers Union indicated that 97.2 percent of Alaskan Pipeline Workers wear No Nonsense panty hose.'

When using this type of humor, it is better to use 'exact numbers' which adds an extra comic emphasis.


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